Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to download the created art picture?
    • On mobile devices, tap and hold the picture.
    • On desktop computers, right-click on the picture.
  2. How to print a physical copy of the art?
  3. What kind of photo should I use to get the best result?

    Generally, the better the quality of the input photograph, the more superior the resulting artistic pictures you will get. Therefore, use high quality photos and refrain from casually taken selfies.

  4. Does it work on group photos?

    Yes, it does well for group photos with fewer than 10 people. We currently don’t support group photos featuring more than 10 individuals.

  5. Can I generate an alternative picture for the same style?

    Absolutely. In fact, you are encouraged to generate multiple samples. This allows you to choose the best one from multiple choices. You can do that by clicking on the style button again, or clicking on the "🎲 Resample" button.

  6. Is PortraitArt capable of crafting artistic images for subjects like pets or landscapes based on photos?

    Yes. Although PortraitArt is optimized for portrait photos, it also does a very good job in creating art pictures for other type of photos. In this case, the photograph will not be cropped to center on persons. Instead, an artistic rendering of the entire photo will be produced.

  7. What should I do if the produced image has artifacts?

    The recommended approach is to regenerate multiple times and choose the best one. If there are small artifacts, you can use photo editing tools, such as, to fix them.

  8. I noticed that the produced image has the wrong gender. How can I fix this?

    Sometimes, the AI algorithm may make mistakes. For now, we recommend trying another photo. We are actively working on releasing a functionality that allows users to manually fix the gender, which will be available soon.

  9. The system automatically crops the photo. Can I adjust the image crop?

    Right now, the image crop is done automatically. We are actively working on releasing a functionality that allows users to interactively adjust the image crop, which will be available soon. For now, as an alternative, you can manually crop the photo around the persons before loading it.

  10. How to delete my photo?

    Click on the “…” button, and choose “Delete this photo and associate art pictures”. See the screenshot below.

    screenshot showing how to delete photo

Please feel free to reach out to us via email at for any inquiries or assistance you may need.