Can Midjourney or ChatGPT/DALL-E3 Convert Photos to Different Art Styles?

Text-to-image generative AI models such as Midjourney and DALL-E3 have captured the imagination of many. As the community eagerly seeks new ways to leverage these technologies, a common question arises: Can these advanced models convert photos to different art styles? This query frequently surfaces on platforms like Reddit, but the answer, unfortunately, is no.

While these models have demonstrated impressive capabilities in generating images from textual prompts and creating unique visuals, converting photos to different art styles remains outside their current scope. The core functionality of these models lies in generating content based on textual input rather than transforming existing images.

Midjourney and DALL-E3 are fundamentally text-driven models. They generate images based on textual descriptions, offering a creative and dynamic approach to content creation. However, they do not possess the capacity to analyze and reinterpret existing visual data in the way required to convert photos into various art styles. (They do have some capacity to analyze existing visual data such as Midjourney' describe command, or GPT4's vision model, but they do not work in the way to make them convert photos into different art styles.)

Good news is that PortraitArt is specifically developed to make this possible, by leveraging generative AI and image understanding. It can understand the content of the image from high level to low details, and then generates a set of new images of specified styles following the guidance of visual content from the input photo.

Here are some art pictures automatically created by PortraitArt. You can explore more here.

PortraitArt UI screenshot
Screenshot of PortraitArt
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